Patek Philippe

Perpetual Calendar REF. 3450J

  • Anno:1984

  • Referenza:3450

  • Movimento:AUTOMATICO

  • Quadrante:ARGENTO

  • Materiale Cassa:ORO GIALLO

  • Cinturino:PELLE

  • Diametro:38MM


  • Condizioni:SECONDO POLSO


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Patek Philippe 3450 Perpetual Calendar, 3450J, the 3450 was introduced in 1981 and succeeded the Patek Philippe 3448, the biggest addition to the 3448 on the 3450 was the leap year indicator, only 244 3450 examples are known to exist
Patek Philippe Calibre automatic 27-460 QB, English calendar display, the original silver dial is absolutely perfect with no signs of wear aging or flaws, moon phase disk is clean with they sky chart being bright and vibrant, size 38mm, thickness 11.5mm, Outstanding Collector Condition and New Old Stock condition for a very important vintage Patek Philippe reference.