• Anno:2024

  • Referenza:MO2 100A 23

  • Movimento:AUTOMATICO

  • Quadrante:BLU

  • Materiale Cassa:ACCIAIO

  • Cinturino:SINTETICO

  • Diametro:42 MM


  • Condizioni:NUOVO


Prezzo su richiesta

Introducing the “Montrerchic Ocean 2” Luxury Automatic Watch Series with a Distinctive Dark Faded Blue dial – an exquisite timepiece that redefines sophistication and style in a more formal setting. **Elegance in Dark Faded Blue:** The Montrerchic Ocean 2 Series, with its refined dark faded blue surface, is a beacon of understated elegance. This watch seamlessly transitions from formal affairs to everyday wear, making it the quintessential accessory for the discerning individual. **Sustainability Meets Luxury:** Montrerchic continues to champion eco-luxury with the Ocean 2 Series. Every watch in this series combines the timeless appeal of luxury with the responsibility of preserving our environment. These timepieces are meticulously crafted from recycled ocean plastic, symbolizing a commitment to reducing waste and conserving our oceans. **Precision and Durability:** Beneath the alluring dark faded blue surface, the Montrerchic Ocean 2 Series boasts a precise automatic movement that ensures impeccable timekeeping. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and comfortable metal bezel elevate both durability and elegance. **A Timepiece with a Story:** Each watch in the Montrerchic Ocean 2 Series is a unique work of art, carrying with it the journey of ocean plastic. The dark faded blue surface, tinged with individual variations, makes your watch a symbol of both style and environmental consciousness. **Key Features:** – Automatic movement for precise timekeeping. – Meticulously crafted from recycled ocean plastic, reflecting eco-consciousness. – Dark faded blue dial for a formal and timeless touch. – Date window for added functionality. – Montrerchic’s unwavering commitment to luxury and sustainability. The Montrerchic Ocean 2 Series, with its metal bezel and dark faded blue surface, embodies the perfect harmony between formal elegance and eco-responsibility. It’s a statement of refined style that also reflects a pledge to our planet’s well-being.