De Ville “Andrew Grima”

  • Anno:1970 Circa

  • Referenza:Andrew Grema

  • Movimento:

  • Quadrante:BLU

  • Materiale Cassa:ARGENTO

  • Cinturino:ARGENTO

  • Diametro:32 MM


  • Condizioni:SECONDO POLSO


Prezzo su richiesta

In perfect conditions and perfectly functional
Omega De Ville that was part of the Design in Time collection inspired by Andrew Grima. The solid silver case is an almost square shape that measures 32x25mm in outstanding condition.
The watch has a blue dial with small blue details a shade lighter and white text and a round watch face. The hands are white to complement the dial text.
The watch has a faceted crystal that resembles the cut of a gemstone, which is very characteristic of Andrew Grima’s designs. We really love the integrated chainmail-style bracelets that were fitted to these watches and the combined weight of the solid silver case and cuff.